BCW Deck Vault LX (200) White

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Expand your battle potential with the BCW Deck Vault-LX 200! Perfect for on-the-go gaming at cons, tournaments, or any unscheduled throw down. It’s made with a durable faux leather outer shell and microfiber faux-suede interior. It can carry two double-sleeved, 100-card decks in addition to all the dice, tokens, and bits you might need. There’s so much additional space you can actually carry an extra 75 sleeved cards instead.

Just about every card game fits in the Deck Vault-200. It is especially useful for Magic Commander/EDH, but can also accommodate Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Dragonball, Force of Will, and many others. It not only works well with cards but also dice-based games like Dicemasters and Star Wars Destiny.

  • Holds over 200 double-sleeved gaming cards
  • Durable, white cover with grey stitching
  • Flip-open panel with strong magnetic closure
  • 2 removable inner deck trays and dice tray


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