Once Upon a Time Third Edition

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Once Upon a Time Third Edition at a Glance
Tell a tale based on random topics in your hand and try to steer the story toward your secret conclusion.
Appeals to players of all ages.
Available expansions include Enchanting Tales, Create-Your-Own Storytelling Cards, and the Writer’s Handbook.
Cautionary Tales: What is Once Upon a Time?
Fairy tales range from delightful and light to dark and gruesome, and so does Once Upon a Time!

Once Upon a Time is a game in which the players work together to create a new fairy tale using elements from their cards like dungeons, giants, and cauldrons. Steer the story toward the secret ending you hold.

Those endings can be light, like “So the king relented and the two were married,” or dark, like “So the evil-doers were thrown into a well.” What will your story be? Find out in Once Upon a Time.

In Search of Adventure: Gameplay Basics
In Once Upon a Time, each player takes turns telling the story based on cards from their hand. When cards are integrated into the story, they are played on the table. When a player chooses to pass, begins to ramble, mentions a story card held by another player, or is interrupted with a card, the next person at the table picks up the story.

To win the game, play all of your story cards and steer the story to the ending card held in your hand! And they all lived happily ever after…we hope.

2013 Origins Award nominee for Children’s, Family, or Party Game.
2013 Recommended Parents’ Choice Award.
2013 Tillywig Best Family Fun Award.


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