The Werewolves of Millers Hollow

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The small village of Dusterwald lies on the jagged plateau of the Hunsruecks. For some time, the village has been afflicted by werewolves who attack each night. The village inhabitants must find out who among them are werewolves before they all fall victim to the evil creatures…

Werewolf or villager?
You draw a card which determines your secret identity. You play out your role under the direction of the game leader.

You are a werewolf.
Your goal: To eat a villager each night. During the day you are an honorable citizen.

You are a villager.
Your goal: To discover the werewolves and to convince the other players to take them out (and make sure you don’t get mistaken for a werewolf). No easy task. But fortunately there are a few villagers with special abilities: The old seer, the hunter, the witch… They will be helpful in defeating the werewolves.

1 Rule book.
24 cards: 4 werewolves, 13 ordinary townsfolk 1 fortune teller, 1 thief, 1 hunter, 1 cupido, 1 witch, 1 little girl, 1 sheriff.
8-18 players. 30 minutes playing time.

Bar code: 3558380001027
Publisher: Asmodee


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