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From the craggy hillsides of Edinburgh to the sunlit docks of Constantinople, from the dusty alleys of Pamplona to a windswept station in Berlin, Ticket to Ride Europe takes you on a new train adventure through the great cities of turn-of-the-century Europe.

Will you risk a trip through the dark tunnels of Switzerland- Venture aboard a ferry on the Black Sea- Or erect lavish train stations in the great capitals of the old empires- Your next move might just make you Europe’s greatest train magnate!

The newest instalment in the best-selling Ticket to Ride series of train adventures, Ticket to Ride Europe takes you across the Ocean into the heart of Europe. More than just a new map to play on, Ticket to Ride Europe offers you brand new gameplay elements including Tunnels, Ferries and Train Stations. We’ve also upgraded you to First-Class accommodations with larger cards, new Train Station game pieces, and a lavishly illustrated game board.

Like the Spiel des Jahres winning original that has sold over 320,000 copies worldwide, the game remains elegantly simple, and easy to learn. Ticket to Ride Europe is a complete, new game that does not require the original version and will offer you hours of enjoyment.

Contents: 1 game board, 240 coloured train cars, 15 coloured train stations, 158 illustrated cards, 5 wooden scoring markers, 1 rules booklet, 1 Days of Wonder online access number.

Winner Best Strategy Game International Gamers Awards 2005

2 – 5 players
Ages 8 & up
Playing time: 50 minutes
Publisher: Days of Wonder


1 x Game board with a map of Europe
240 x Train cars.
48 x Blue train cars
48 x Red train cars
48 x Green train cars
48 x Yellow train cars
48 x Black train cars
15 x Train Stations (three of each color)
158 x Illustrated cards (56mm x 87mm):
110 x Train cards:
46 x Destination Ticket cards:
1 x Summary card
1 x European Express Bonus for the Longest Continuous Path
5 x Wooden Scoring Markers (1 each of the 5 players’ colors)
1 x Rules booklet
1 x Days of Wonder Online access number (located on back of Rules)


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