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Sunday Commander League

21 Alfred St, Blenheim 7201, New Zealand

Every Sunday at 6pm

Price: $5

We are hosting a regular weekly league that will see 1 winner each month and have a selection of custom rules we have created!

Standard MTG competition rules apply.

Deck Submission to be done up on entry of competition. A deck list is to be provided in store by filling out one of our SCL Deck List sheets found either in store or HERE.

The current ban list will be the default MTG ban list found HERE.

  • We may decide to add or remove cards from the ban list for use in the League as we see appropriate.
  • Sleeved Decks are required.
  • Proxies may be used should a Judge both deem the quality fair and see the original genuine card in person.
  • Competitors may make alterations to their deck by re-submitting a deck list in store.

Games will consist of 4-5 person pods. Players are each given an ‘achievement’ sheet to use during the game. The sheet will detail certain requirements used to either gain an ‘achievement’ or a ‘Penalty’ and accumulate points in correspondence to the chart. Kind of like a bingo sheet, players will be incentivised to break the meta and try new things in order to be the real winner at the end of the game. Points will be tallied and displayed each week in store and online. At the end of the month, a winner will be determined, and a prize will be awarded! Each month is a new chance at glory, with new prizes, achievements, penalties and challenges! If you wish to join the competition mid-way through a month or miss a game, don’t be discouraged! Points can be earned many ways, so you always have a fighting chance!

Competition entry will be $5 per game.

Prizes will be announced at the beginning of each month.

Players will be randomly assigned games and opponents.

Each month will have a special challenge that will be voted on by the community!

This is not an official Wizard’s of the Coast event.